Busy vacation this year. We are running parallel several projects.

Starting from production of small pile caps (2400pcs of 900kg/pcs) going through production of edge bridge beams and road barriers for Swedish Implenia, casting the heavy beams and slabs for Tunnel stations in Copenhagen, starting production of 336pcs T-shaped storage rack for Siemens, ending up on production of two 700t caisons produced on barge (11m diameter, 10m heigh) and also 8 pcs of moon shape foundation beams of 18 ton weight. Our favorite offshore works are ongoing on prototype Skybox lite platform for SIF. We have also purchased new lifting heavy duty harbour crane Sennebogen 6180 to manage an arising number of lifting operations we are performing each day.


Last Friday 16.04.2021 we have loaded out and shipped away concrete elements of the first station for the Cityringen – Branch off to Sydhavnen Metro Project in Copenhagen.

The elements for one station consists of 9 pcs of V-beams and 61 pcs of heavily reinforced roof slabs which will be
mounted on top of the beams. In total we have to produce 45 beams of weight 55-65t per beam and
273pcs of roof slabs. The part of our service for that project is designing works and 3D modeling of
each item in TEKLA software.


Now its official - the last batch of 25 maintenance free Concrete Work Platforms for the Hornsea Two Offshore Wind Farm, has left our certified concrete element factory in Poland

All produced according to specifications and time schedule.


We start deliveries of the precast wall element for the Statens Naturhistoriske Museum in Copenhagen where Per Aarsleff A/S ia a general cotractor.

In total we will produce 581 pcs of walls until August 2021.


Today we have loaded and delivered the first ship with cable chambers to Odense site of our mother company Per Aarsleff A/S.

In total we will produce over 400 pcs of chambers and deliver them until end of July 2021. Total concrete volume would be 5 000m3 with a total weight 9 500t.

The chambers will be outfitted with ladders, cable watertight ducts, safety brackets, pulling eyes, cast-in channels, earthing terminals, dewatering pipes, gratings etc”



Today we have sail out with the record breaking number of 25 Concrete Working Platforms on one barge.

The 3rd batch (5 in total) of Hornsea Two CWPs is on its way to Aalborg where BLADT Industries utilize them on their TPs.



We have started production of slab-track elements for Danish railway project Hovedstadens Letbane.

We will produce total quantity of 3769 pcs of slab tracks and supporting beams of total length of over 11 000m and  8225 m3 of concrete. The cargo will weight almost 20 000 tons and will be delivered within the year by 10 pcs of sea coasters.

Today we have loaded the first ship.


1806 pcs of not-embedded types

1963 pcs of embedded types

4000 pcs of supporting beam 3,0 x 0,2 x 0,2m



Today the 1st load-out of the Concrete Work Platforms (CWPs) for Windpark Fryslân took place at our certified precast concrete element factory.

Each CWP weighs 76 tons and will in the next weeks be installed by Van Oord on the Monopiles in the IJsselmeer. Thanks for all involved parties (Van Oord & Spliethoff) and personnel for a smooth operation!

CWPs are a cost effective, maintenance free and durable solution for the MP/TP & TP-less MP foundations of your OWF.



We have finished production of 40x40 concrete precast piles for our sister company AARSLEFF Sp. z o.o. for the neibourhood job site in Swinoujscie.

We have produced 868 piles of single lengths 16-18m and total length of 15 150m and concrete volume of 2423m3.

The piles were produced at our facility in Swinoujscie, loaded to the barge and towed to the Aarsleff Sp. z o.o. piling job site at ferry terminal in Świnoujście. The advantages of ONE COMPANY cooperation was: the closeby production of good quality piles, possibility of producing piles without a joint and a efficent productivity of driving the piles on site.



During last two days we have made another load-out for Hornsea Project 2 Wind Farm. It’s now 2nd batch for BLADT (and 4th overall) of concrete working platform which will be delivered to Aalborg in August 2020.

The platforms are equipped with the aluminium railings, Davit crane and electrical equipment. We have used our 150t RTG crane to drive them from the storage area next to the quay wall when the 260t floating crane pick them up and place on the barge. Together with Fryslan platforms we have now 100 pieces! of concrete working platforms for offshore industry stored at our site in Swinoujscie.



AARSLEFF BIZ Has delivered total amount of 3800m3 of large concrete blocks for offshore industry. The elements has been produced in amazingly short time of 4 weeks for out client Modern American Recycling Services Europe in port of Fredrikshavn

Production of 263 pieces of blocks has started in very short notice. We have produced variety of 6 types of blocks in weight range of 20 up to 170 tons (first blocks) in total weight of 9000 tons/ The blocks were delivered in two batches after 4 and 5 weeks since works commencement on board of sea barge carrier 17 and ship. The elements up to 70t weight were produced in 20 molds and two heaviest elements of 170t were casted directly on barge. The elements delivered to M.A.R.S. Europe in Fredrikshavn will be used as a load spreading blocks for skidding lane for Tyra East and West platforms of weight 16 500 tons to be moved on land for scraping. AARSLEFF BIZ has also designed and delivered rigging set to be used for unloading and repositioning of blocks. 



Aarsleff BIZ together with client Van Oord carried out a Mock-up test of the Fryslan OWF Concrete Work Platforms (CWPs).

The purpose of the – successful executed - CWP Mock-up test was to simulate all the steps of Van Oord operations regarding the lift and installation of the CWP as they are planned to take place during offshore operations later this year.

 In that regard the installation methods, the lifting/rigging plans, EPIC (External Platform Installation Cone) installation guide, tag lines and winches were assessed to avoid potential mistakes prior to Van Oord’s offshore works execution.

Additionally, the Mock-up CWP (which also will be installed offshore) was weighed with loadcells to verify the design weight.


We are ongoing with production of 89 pcs of 75 ton cwps for Fryslan wind farm 

We are planning to finish the project till the end of October. The platforms will be delivered on site in four batches by self loading ships. 


Today we have sailed out two giant 2000t concrete caisons to the Port of Ystad.

They will be directly submerged from the barge and placed on the designed location during coming weekend. The production lasted since November 2019. See video from this project in the project tab.


Today we have completed last major milestone in constructing two 2000 ton caissons for Ystad Harbour

We have installed deck elements on both caissons, each consisted of 4 precast concrete elements weighing 60 ton each. Operation took several hours without the need of rotating of the barge.


We have delivered full ship with the elements for the Expansion of Port of Skagen — Phase 3.

The concrete precast elements are front wall elements of the quay wall, suitable for both sheet pile walls and combi walls (371 units). Besides that we have produced 50 units of 15m and 18m long reinforcement steel cages ready to install in the new quay wall construction. In total we have delivered 850 tons of concrete and reinforcement steel elements.

  • 115 pcs of L-walls combi-wall

  • 256 pcs of L-walls sheet pile wall

  • 44 pcs of 18m reinforcement cages

  • 6 pcs of 15m reinforcement cages

  • 96t of loose reinforcement steel rebars


AARSLEFF BIZ ongoing with production next 2 giant 18m high caissons.

2000t structures to depart in April 2020 and to be submerged at the port of Ystadt.



„We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded with 2 offshore contracts for production of CWP in 2020. We will produce 165 pcs of platforms for Hornsea 2 Project in UK as well as 89 pcs for FRYSLAN Project in Netherlands. It is a big challenge for us and require an extreme casting schedule of one platform each working day.”



We have performed the skidding operation of 2 heavy reinforcement cages XXX ton each on Carrier 16 barge deck. This operation will begin the on-barge production of two Caissons structures (2500t each) for Ystad harbour. The plan is to completely fabricate, deliver and submerge the caissons before May 2020.



 „AARSLEFF BIZ has produced and shipped 2 trial offshore concrete working platforms for US Coastal Virginia offshore windfarm. The platforms were shipped to Rostock were our installation team have assembled aluminum railings and other outfitting accessories.”

2 pcs of 90t offshore concrete working platforms for the US market



„We have loaded and sent out the last 3 ships with 43 pcs of special precast tunnel elements for the Copenhagen Airport. The 32 ton elements will be shipped to Koge harbour where they will be unloaded on trucks and transported directly on Copenhagen Airport site. We have produced 118 pcs of elements of 7 different sizes. Total of 3760 tons of element delivered on 3 ships within 2 months. 



„The production of Cubipods’ is over. We have produced 3452 pcs of various elements with 22 000 m3 of concrete volume and 62 000 t total weight. Since May 2018 we have loaded and shipped 8 north sea barges to Denmark for Hansthom harbour expansion Project.,



„We have started a serial production of prefabricated concrete columns for 120 meters high Carlsberg Tower which will become the tallest residential building in Copenhagen”. 

Production of precast concrete columns for:
⦁    Parking house: 789 pcs
⦁    Tower: 746 pcs
Concrete strength: C60/75



„Aarsleff BIZ just sent its biggest concrete element so far (16m high, 40m long, 23m wide and ca. 7.000 tons heavy) to Denmark (Hanstholm harbour). Watch our movie showing the production process.



„Aarsleff BIZ has started the production of various concrete precast elements for the Ystad harbour in Sweden. The plan is to deliver full range of elements, starting from small sized units like: anchor plates, quay wall front wall elements, going through light mast foundations, wells and ending up on 2 large scale Caissons of 2300 tons each”. This week we have loaded 129 pcs of anchor plates.

Production of:

  • Anchor plates: 129 pcs

  • Quay wall front wall elements: 151 pcs

Wells: 40 pcs

  • Light mast foundations: 37 pcs

  • Caissons: 2 x 2500t



„We have completed all works and sent out last five Urban Rigger 2.0 floating pontoons. The great opening of all 5 ones is planned for October 2019”



„We have loaded out and sent fully packed Carrier 7 barge to Ronne Harbour at Bornholm. We completed this project since summer 2018 where we produced and delivered a wide range of various concrete elements e.g. anchor plates, cable wells with decks, quay wall L-walls, light mast foundations and 2 large precast ro-ro ramps 225 t each”

Production of:

  • Ro-ro ramp 225t – 2 pcs

  • Light masts 43t – 13pcs

  • Cable wells and decks – 32pcs

  • Quay wall front L-wall elements: 336 pcs

  • Anchor plates: 327 pcs

  • L-walls A and B 16t – 30pcs

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